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Queen of Peace History

As the youngest parish in Dickinson, Queen of Peace was formed in 1973 as the need was seen for another parish. At the time it was painful for the many parishioners who had to leave a beloved parish and move to Queen of Peace, but these founders became loyal parishioners and many remain active 47 years later.

For the first 10 years of its life, the parish's home was Trinity High School where Sunday and Holy Day Masses were held in the auditorium and daily Masses in a converted classroom with the offices in the convent building.

In 1983, Fr. Robert Feeney, the first pastor, led the parish community in the task of creating a church building. With Vatican II principles in mind, the beautiful modern church was built; the largest Catholic Church in southwestern North Dakota. At the dedication, Fr. Feeney explained, “We won’t be suppose that we have built God’s house…the universe is God’s house, God doesn’t need a temple of our making, but the church needs a house. This is the house of God’s people.” As many of those involved in the process stated, there were many meetings and many people were part of the process. Those who worship here today are grateful for the beautiful simple design, the stained glass windows, the Adoration chapel and our gathering spaces.
From the beginning, Queen of Peace was celebrated for its volunteerism, both in making the parish run and in outreach to others like Deacon Dominic’s Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless, our Lenten soup suppers and the Advent giving tree. Parishioners were encouraged in this by their pastors: Fr. Feeney who served until 1988; Fr. Jerry Kautzmann, who continued to develop the parish until 2000; Fr. Jim Ryan, Fr. David Mormon, Fr. Jeffrey Zwack, Father Shannon G. Lucht and the current pastor Msgr. Thomas Richter. There have been many Deacons: Dominic Pereira, Steve Brannan, Al Hibl, Ron Wolberg, Jerry Volk, Kris Ringwall and Leonard Krebs who have served in many ways. Many Notre Dame and Benedictine Sisters, including Sr. Mary Bede Bendicek, Sr. Loretta Herz, Sr. Rose Schwab, Sr. Janet Zander, Sr. James Messer and Sr. Phoebe Schwartze have served the parish.

50th Anniversary

On June 24th, 2023, Queen of Peace will celebrate 50 years of being a parish, and there will be several exciting projects will occur throughout the next year to celebrate this occasion!

One of these projects will be a weekly bulletin insert that will highlight the many important events that have occurred at our parish over the last 25 years, as seen in our bulletin archives. We invite you to join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary by exploring the Bulletin Flashbacks below!

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